You love grilled food and have little to no knowledge of grilling?

Well today is your lucky day! Let Davao BBQ teach you a few tips and tricks to help you grill to perfection.

Since the beginning of time, our basic human abilities include knowing how to start a fire, using said fire for signaling and cooking food. But being in the 21st century, we’ve lost some of those skills that made us top predators. Here’s your chance to get that one initial skill back. Cooking dead meat over fire. You might have hunted that meat or bought it from the supermarket, it doesn’t really matter. Meat is meat, and you’re going to learn to cook it and cook it good. Cooking Davao Barbeque the right way.


Davao BBQ - Grilling

First you have to pick out what you want to grill. You don’t want no flimsy piece of thin meat that you could just salt and put on a grill. You would want something that you could actually work with.

For steaks, a minimum of an inch thick is required for a good sear and flavor. Salt it and give it a good rub for marinade. You could also add some pepper. Grill it only when its room temp. Don’t grill it when it’s cold because it will not cook properly.

Depending on how you want it, medium cooks for about 3-5 minutes per side. Medium rare about 2 minutes. This also depends on how hot your grill is. So practice and don’t you ever slice the meat while it’s still cooking since all the juices will leak out.

For fish, salt it good, give it a rub, and plop it on the grill skin side up. Davao barbeque insists this because it retains the juices and will give you a nice flavorful fish. Just flip it about 5-10 minutes before serving.

For pork, you can’t go wrong with it. Salt, pepper, soy sauce, and a little lemon. Mix, let it marinade, cook until well done. Don’t blacken the meat. That means it’s burnt. And you can’t eat burnt food. So flip occasionally and when done, serve with rice.

At The Grillery Smoke House, you are the grill-master!. We set up a food-grade stainless steel charcoal griller right on your table-top, You can choose whatever meats suit your fancy, grill it to your preference, share a laugh or two with your friends and EAT LIKE A PRO!!!The best part is you can leave that all behind and we do all the clean-up.  This is how we do it at Davao barbecue.