That moment when you smell the aroma of the meat grilling, a mouth watering experience that gets any appetite running. There are numerous tips on how to do it and in the following paragraphs we will discuss the most basic and universally applicable. Whether using gas or charcoal grills, these will apply to almost everyone.

First of all make sure to heat the grill prior to grilling. Much like heating a pan before using it, it’s the same concept. Make sure that the grates are hot before grilling as this prevents your food from sticking to the grates. If you’re using cast iron grills, it is okay to brush a little oil onto the grill when it’s very hot.


Davao bbq also has this tip for us when cooking large fish portions. For example, Tuna Belly. Grill this fish skin-side down. Do not flip the fish until when it is ready to serve. To know that the fish is cooked, poke it with a fork and if it slides in smooth, then you know it’s cooked. Now you could flip the fish to add the grill marks. This is also applicable for Tuna Panga (Jaw), and other types of fish.

Grilling Pork and Beef is very much the same except for a few notable exceptions. Pork sides will take longer to grill because it needs to be well done. Steaks on the other hand will grill a lot quicker. Depending if you want your steak well done or just medium or medium rare. s

So just make sure that you’re grill is hot and start grilling. So try a Davao bbq the next time you want to grill.

At The Grillery Smoke House, you are the grill-master!. We set up a food-grade stainless steel charcoal griller right on your table-top, You can choose whatever meats suit your fancy, grill it to your preference, share a laugh or two with your friends and EAT LIKE A PRO!!!The best part is you can leave that all behind and we do all the clean-up. This is how we do Davao barbecue way.